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$249.00 CAD


$249.00 CAD

Items you and your loved ones use each day, things like a smartphone, car key, or television remote control, can be contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses. Sanitize those items with the CleanintUV sanitizer.

When you place an item into the CleanintUV, the door will close automatically, and the item will be exposed to powerful UV-C light.  You don't need to touch the CleanintUV when you place an item in the device or remove it, helping to maintain your hand hygiene.  UV-C is proven to kill harmful germs. 

When you want your device cleaned, you don't want to wait 3 minutes or 5 minutes for the UV cleaner to do its job. The CleanintUV is fast.  It takes just 60 seconds for a complete cleaning cycle (approximately 85 seconds when you include the time for the door to close and fully re-open).

Sanitize virtually anything that will fit inside the device.*  The interior dimensions are approximately 82 mm (width) by 223 mm (height).  If there is a specific item that you wish to sanitize, please ensure that it is smaller than these measurements.

Our UV-C Sanitizer was designed so that the UV-C light generated by its powerful bulb reaches as many surfaces on the item being cleaned as possible, not just the front, but the sides and top as well.  That being said, if UV-C light is not able to reach a surface, then that surface will not be cleaned.  For example, if your smartphone is resting on the bottom of the compartment, the bottom edge will not be sanitized.  Also, the cradle at the bottom of the compartment is not exposed to much UV-C light.  If you want to ensure that the bottom of an item that is resting in the bottom of the compartment is well sanitized, we recommend flipping the item and running it through another cleaning cycle.

* The CleanintUV should not be used with food, animals or other organic material.

The CleanintUV is not intended for cleaning medical devices.

The CleanintUV uses a long lasting bulb, which is rated for thousands of hours and therefore will allow hundreds of thousands of 30 second cleaning cycles.  Please note that the bulb cannot be replaced.