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  1. How does UV-C light kill germs?  As described in detail in an article on Engineering.com, UV-C light destroys the genetic material of viruses and bacteria (or any organism), and therefore their ability to replicate.
  2. What kind of items can be cleaned?  The CleanintUV can be used to clean any inanimate, non-organic object that easily fits inside. It is not to be used with food, animals or other organic material.  It will most effectively clean hard surfaces, like those on a phone, keys, credit cards, etc. The reflective interior of the CleanintUV ensures that the UV-C light is reflected throughout the interior of the CleanintUV; however, in order to clean a surface, the UV-C light must be able to reach that surface.  Consequently, if there is a fold or something else that prevents light from reaching a surface, then that surface will not be sanitized.
  3. Is the CleanintUV safe for my phone and other devices?  Yes, UV-C light will not harm your phone or other electronic devices.  It is safer for your device than using harsh chemicals. 
  4. Why are there USB ports on the bottom of the device?  The USB ports are convenient charging ports that you can use to charge your phone or other devices.  Devices will not charge during a cleaning cycle.  You will need to disconnect your phone or device before you place it into the CleanintUV.
  5. How long will the bulb last?  The average life of the bulb is hundreds of thousands of 30 second cleaning cycles!
  6. How will I know if the bulb stops working or there is a problem with the unit?  At the top of the unit there are LED Indicator Lights that blink or hold solid to indicate the CleanintUV cleaning progress.  When the door is open, flashing LEDs can indicate faulty bulbs.
  7. How do I stop a cleaning cycle?  If you do a long press of the button on the top of the CleanintUV, the cleaning cycle will stop, and the door will open.
  8. I placed an item in the CleanintUV, but door didn't close.  Why is that?  In certain circumstances the sensor does not detect the item.  You can either press the button on the top of the CleanintUV or put your hand in the center for one second.  The cleaning cycle will begin 3 seconds after the item has been detected.
  9. Is there a warranty on the product?  Yes, Cleanint, LLC, the manufacturer of the product, provides a warranty.  They will replace any CleanintUV that has manufacturing defects free of charge for one(1) year after the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover damage, expense or injury caused by unauthorized repairs, alterations, improper connection, shipping, abuse, theft, accident or neglect. Also, the warranty does not cover collateral loss.  For more details please refer to the Quick Start Guide and Warranty Information on Cleanint’s website.