Advanced UV Sanitizer

Our UV sanitizer uses powerful UV-C technology to clean your phone, keys, remote control, baby toys…virtually anything that fits inside! It’s touchless, safe, fast, and effective. Watch the important video below to see how effective it is compared to other UV cleaners.

Differentiate your Accommodations

Provide guests with an advanced tool for sanitizing the in-room TV remote, their phones and other items.

Reopen Safely

Demonstrate that you are doing everything possible to keep your employees and customers safe as you get back to business... Make it easy for them to sanitize their phones and other items.

Quick and Easy Cleaning

Provide your medical staff and patients with a quick and easy way to sanitize their phones and other items. Not intended for cleaning medical devices

There are many UV-C sanitizers on the market that claim they are killing pathogens, but in reality, many offer little, if any, actual disinfection.  In a simple experiment performed by the Cleanint team, the difference between the CleanintUV sanitizer and other UV-C products tested was made very clear.  Our product delivers more millijoules of disinfecting UV-C light than the other brands.  The other products either provide very little benefit or will take significantly longer to provide a similar level of disinfection.  Please watch this short video for all the details:

Why the CleanintUV is better than the competition

Universal UV Light Sanitizer

Healthy Living

  • UVC Light Technology

    Cleanintuv is a UV cleaner that uses revolutionary UV-C light technology.  UV-C light effectively kills viruses and bacteria at the cellular level. The UV-C light turns on after the door is closed, since UV-C light can be harmful.*

  • Fast

    Your devices and other items are cleaned in just 60 seconds (or approximately 85 seconds when you include the time for the door to close and completely reopen).

  • Touchless

    After you place an item in the cleanintuv, the door will automatically close and then automatically reopen when the cleaning process is finished.  You can remove the item without touching the cleanintuv, maintaining your hand hygiene and keeping your item clean too.

  • No harmful chemicals or odours

    Cleaning is performed with no harmful chemicals that can damage your devices and no unpleasant odours. 

Bacterial Testing

Testing was conducted with bacterial smears in multiple positions, demonstrating that our UV sanitizer effectively sanitizes multiple sides of an object (more than 99% reduction in bacteria tested). Some competitive products only effectively clean one side of an object.
EMSL Report #1
EMSL Report #2
EMSL Report #3

Proudly Canadian

We are Canadian owned and operated, so your purchases will be shipped to you quickly from Canada, not from the United States or overseas, and our prices are quoted in Canadian dollars, not US dollars!

Powerful UVC Technology

Smartphones, TV remote controls, and other items you use on a daily basis are often contaminated with dangerous viruses and germs.  A Mental Floss article titled Infographic: The Dirtiest Surfaces in Hotel Rooms discusses a study on bacteria levels in hotel rooms.  The study found that TV remote controls are often highly contaminated with numerous dangerous bacteria.  The CleanintUV UV Sanitizer is an ideal way to clean a TV remote control, cell phone or almost any item that will fit in its large interior.  Please note that CleanintUV is not intended for cleaning medical devices.

CleanDevice is the exclusive distributor of Cleanint products in Canada.  Cleanint's expanding suite of UV based cleaning tools is designed to help keep you and your loved ones healthy.

For returning workers

The health of your employees and customers is your top priority.  Sanitize with cleanintuv.

For parents and children

The things you touch and depend on every day often carry dangerous germs.  Sanitize with cleanintuv.

For recovering patients

Medical treatment can leave patients at a greater risk of infection.  Sanitize with cleanintuv.